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What is Search Engine advertizing (SEA)?

Search Engine advertizing (SEA) is paid advertizing in search engines using a Google Ads account, formerly Google AdWords, set up by an expert. For a fee, text and product ads are placed above or below organic search results. The number of results advertized varies per keyword. Often there are two, three or four ads at the top and bottom of the first and second pages. In addition, shopping ads can appear next to the organic search results.

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What is the purpose of Search Engine advertizing led by a Google Ads expert?

The purpose of SEA varies from client to client. Generally, the focus is on generating maximum visibility to the most targeted audience possible. This gives your ad as many conversion-generating clicks as possible. The distribution of clicks can vary. For example, a portion of search engine users clicks on ads, and a portion clicks on organic search results, also known as search engine positioning (SEO). By applying both SEO and SEA, you have the ability to reach 100% of your target audience.

Grizzly New Marketing is hand-picked by Google as a Premier SMB Partner. Grizzly works closely with businesses to help grow and maximize online campaign performance.

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What are the advertizing options with a Google Ads expert?

Google Ads offers several products to advertize through various applications. Google Ads has the following types:

Search advertizing

With an ad in the Google Search Network, your website is immediately visible in the search results. Together, we will discuss the objective of the search advertizing campaign in advance. Then, one of our experts will set up a new account or optimize an existing one so you get the most out of your Google Ads.

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Shopping advertizing

With Shopping advertizing, you can advertize your online store in a product-specific way using the Google Shopping Network. A Shopping campaign can be used to drive more traffic to your online store and generate direct sales.

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Display advertizing

A product or service banner advertizement in the Google Display Network creates awareness among potential customers and can even re-engage visitors who have not yet made a purchase. If desired, it is possible to add animations or other interactive elements to the banner.

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Video advertizing

Want to promote your video through YouTube? With video advertizing, you can advertize in a highly targeted way, reaching your target audience optimally and maximizing your results. Using video makes your story personal and helps viewers remember who you are.

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What does the expert Grizzly New Marketing team do with Google Ads?

Search Engine advertizing (SEA) supports your business’ online marketing strategy, as ads make up an increasing portion of search results. To ensure that advertizing on Google performs optimally, your campaign needs to be set up properly. To achieve this, our Google Ads experts set up a well-managed campaign focused on a logical structure, correct settings, and optimal use of your budget.

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What are the benefits of Google Ads backed by the expertise of Grizzly New Marketing? We are:

●       Transparent

Transparency in both click costs and performance within your account.

●       Dynamic

Continuous adjustment based on seasonal or marketing calendar.

●       Measurable

Period reporting on the progress of the campaign.

Why choose a Google Selected Premier Partner?

Grizzly New Marketing can rightfully call itself a Google Ads expert. As a Google Premier Partner, we have extensive experience in all industries and hold the necessary certifications, ensuring optimal results. Ready to start with your advertizing campaign? Or would you like us to set up a search engine positioning campaign for you? Contact our online marketing agency to schedule an appointment.