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What is conversion?

Conversion is converting website visits to a specific goal you have with your website. This could be, for example, placing an order, visiting a physical store, making a reservation, or filling out a contact form. After all, it is not only important to garner more visitors to your website, but also that these visitors convert. Identifying your conversion goals will help you get the best results from your website.

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How do we work as Conversion Specialists?

As conversion specialists, we employ various methods to increase conversions. One of these methods is known as A/B testing. This involves creating two variants of an existing website page. 50% of the visitors are presented with variant A, and the remaining 50% are presented with variant B. After a baseline measurement of the original variant, the two variants are tested for a period of time to assess which variant converts best and connects with the target audience. We then recommend the best converting variant to deploy. Other variants can then be subjected to another A/B test.

Why A/B testing to improve your conversions?

A successful A/B test ensures that you end up getting more conversions and revenue from your website visitors. After all, generating visitors is the first step towards achieving better results from your website or online store. In addition, you obviously want to convert these visitors into eventually returning customers. With an A/B test, differences in conversion rates become apparent, and you can easily calculate the expected ROI of different campaigns. By choosing the best converting variant, you get the best results from your website or online store.

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What can be tested with an A/B conversion test?

With an A/B test, almost anything can be tested. The most common test elements include modifying or applying, among other things, the following:

  • Headers
  • Subheader texts
  • Paragraph structuring
  • References
  • Call-to-action texts
  • Call-to-action design
  • Links
  • Images
  • Social media
  • Media mentions
  • Achievement awards, certifications, and seals of approval

A proven method for conversion optimization

Of course, one doesn’t become a conversion specialist overnight. As an online marketing agency, we frequently adapt and develop our time-tested conversion optimization methodology. Using our method, clients often double the number of conversions and see other increased results!

Our procedure is as follows:

Timeline procedure

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