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New School in Kenya
290+ kids back to school

In several places in the world, child labor is unfortunately still the order of the day, especially in third world countries. Children are used to keep production costs as low as possible. Fortunately, there are organizations like Net4kids that work to help these children go to school again and have a bright future ahead of them.

Net4kids and Grizzly New Marketing

Net4kids connects businesses with sustainable and transparent child aid projects. Grizzly New Marketing is also doing its part in several ways. For example, we sponsor projects as a company, but also heartily recommend them to our clients. Together, we hope to ensure that as many children as possible can be helped by the projects that Net4kids sponsors.

4 bears with their own work

Bridging education to rescue children from child labor

One of the ways Grizzly New Marketing partners with Net4kids is by removing one child per employee from child labor each year. These children receive a year of bridging education, after which they can enter regular education. Research in recent years shows that 95% of the children supported by this project continue to participate in regular education.

Contributing to the future of children in need

Do you agree that children deserve a fair chance and should not be victims of child labor? Do you want a sustainable future for everyone? You, like Grizzly New Marketing, can contribute to this. We highly recommend Net4kids to you. They have a variety of projects, so there is sure to be one that fits your business.