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What is Google Analytics reporting?

Google Analytics is a handy statistics package that our experts use to measure how visitors behave on your website. This tool provides insight into how visitors get to your site, how long they view certain pages, and from which pages they leave your site. It also shows where visitors come from and whether they convert. With the help of all this data, analyzing and driving the commercial performance of your website becomes possible.


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How can you make the most of Google Analytics?

Our experience shows that many of our customers who use Google Analytics do not yet use all of its features. The package is implemented on the site, but no goals are set and statistics are not properly analyzed or even tracked by Google Analytics A/B testing. If you do not utilize these tools, you are not taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by Google Analytics. In fact, this package gives you the opportunity to understand how visitors navigate your site and analyze many other aspects of your website. However, we understand that you may not always have the time to do this and, more importantly, are missing a clear overview. We can analyze your Google Analytics data for you and turn it into a customized, easy-to-read report.

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What’s in the monthly report we prepare for you?

You will receive a clear monthly digital report from us that provides you access to critical data, such as:


Visitor count

This shows you how many people are visiting your website and the number of pages they view while there.

Traffic source

You will gain insight into how visitors arrive at your site. Do they find you through a search engine? Do they access your website directly by typing in your web address? Or is your site’s traffic a result of your Google Ads campaigns or social media advertising? And thanks to the geographical data available, not only can we identify where your visitors are coming from virtually, we can also show you what regions they are physically located in.

Goal achievement

By setting goals, you can see how often online conversions occur. Examples include: filling out a contact form, signing up for a newsletter, or ordering a product online.

Keyword usage

Find out which keywords are driving people to your website. Visitors often arrive via a multitude of chosen keywords. Your report will identify what those keywords are.

Visitor behavior

You can see which external pages direct people to your website, what internal pages visitors go to directly, and from which pages people leave your site. You can also see how people navigate through the site through internal link building.

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How do you increase the results of your website?

When you invest in good findability for your website in order to attract more visitors, it’s important that your visitors actually take a desired action, such as requesting a quote, ordering from your online store, or navigating to your store. Grizzly New Marketing can set up goals for you in your Google Analytics, which will provide insight into the results of your website. In addition, we may periodically analyze your website’s data using Google Analytics A/B testing. Based on this, we will give you advice that will further improve the efficiency of your website and increase your results.

Get more insight into your website’s return on investment

Do you have insufficient insight into the results you get from your website or online store? Do you want to know about using Google Analytics A/B testing to analyze your website? Or do you have a question about monthly reporting? Please feel free to contact our online marketing agency and we will be happy to discuss options with you!