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What is Video advertising?

With Video advertising, you bring attention to your business by distributing a video ad through the YouTube network using a Google Ads account. This method of advertising is highly targeted so that you reach the desired target audience, thus maximizing your campaign’s results. In addition, a video often “sticks better” with your target audience, due to the personal nature and the combination of image and sound.

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Grizzly New Marketing is hand-picked by Google as a SMB Partner. Grizzly works closely with businesses to help grow and maximize online campaign performance.

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What does Google Ads Video advertising give your business?

With Video advertising, your video message is displayed during or after viewing another video on YouTube. Related searches will also show your video on this platform for an efficient way of advertising on YouTube. This will draw attention to your business in a different way and reach a different part of your target audience. In addition, the advertising video can be played before, during, or after the YouTube video. Each of these options has a different effect on the target audience.

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Which form of online advertising is best for your business?

Which method of online advertising best suits your business depends on the target audience you want to reach, the desired conversion rate, and the type of product or service you offer. One target audience is more easily approached through Video advertising, while Display advertising works better for other target audiences. It’s also possible to combine different ways of advertising to reach the largest possible target audience. Online marketing agency Grizzly New Marketing helps you create, execute, and report on an optimal online marketing campaign that fits your business.

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Want to promote your video through the YouTube network? Bring attention to your business, service, or product with Video advertising through Google Ads. Grizzly New Marketing is here to help. Contact us to discuss your next advertizing, Search Engine Positioning or link building campaign.

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