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What is Display advertising?

Display advertising offers you the opportunity to bring your product or service to the attention of the public within the Google Display Network. You do this by using a banner, to which you can add various interactive elements, such as animations. By making a banner interactive, you draw even more attention to your service or product.

Why does Google Display advertising suit your business?

This form of advertising is perfect for remarketing or rebranding your company. You draw attention to your business in a new way, reaching new visitors and re-engaging existing ones. The relevant ads you place on Google through Display advertising attract their attention and invite action, leading to more conversions.

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Grizzly New Marketing is hand-picked by Google as a SMB Partner. Grizzly works closely with businesses to help grow and maximize online campaign performance.

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How can you further increase your online visibility with Google Ads Display?

Google Display advertising is a good form of advertising in itself, but you can increase your online visibility even more. You do this by also using Search Advertising and Video advertising. However, which form of online advertising works best for your business depends on a number of factors. Consider, for example, the target audience, what you offer, and the way you want to present your business. Grizzly New Marketing is happy to advise you on the advertising strategy that best suits your business.

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Engage our experts and make the most of online advertising through Google Ads Display campaign management

Want to learn more about what you can achieve with Google Display advertising? Contact us for a custom Google Ads campaign. We are happy to help you create, implement, and analyze an online marketing strategy that fits your business. We work with you to make sure you get the most out of your Display advertising campaign and other online marketing campaigns, such as a Search Engine Positioning campaign.

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