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What is a website audit service?

A website audit service takes a look at your website to signal potential issues with search engine and user-friendliness. When you count on us to do this, you receive a report that gives you clear advice on improvements that will help your website achieve better results. This advice is based on the technical side of your website, which is one of the fundaments for online findability. Of course, it will also focus on the other two building blocks of SEO: content and link building.

If your website is in excellent shape, this will help you achieve higher rankings. It will also provide a great customer experience. The better the experience you offer, the longer visitors will stay on your website and the more likely it is that they will convert. This, in turn, also improves your online findability and increases your return on investment.

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Why is a website audit service necessary?

A website audit is an important start of your online marketing campaign, because it signals potential problems at an early stage. Once these are resolved, you have a great basis for your online marketing campaign. The main building blocks of a successful SEO strategy consist of three pillars:

  1. Having a well-functioning website
  2. Having high-quality content
  3. Building relevant links to your website

These three pillars are equally important.

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Making sure the technical aspect of your website is in order will make it more attractive to the search engine and visitors, which in turn will help to generate better results with your online marketing campaign. Because no matter how good your content is and how many backlinks you have, if the technique of your website is flawed, visitors will leave quickly or avoid your website all together. Search engines will also have difficulty indexing your website. This means your website will be hard to find and the few visitors that do find it are unlikely to engage, because their client journey is far from ideal.

Of course, you should not focus on technique alone, but also on the content of your website. The texts on your website need to be clear and concise. There are many different guidelines that your texts need to adhere to so that your pages can be found by search engines. Of course, findability is not the only factor. Your texts also need to answer the questions of your visitors and provide them with the information they are looking for. These texts can also be used to convince your visitors to convert.

Last, but not least, a healthy backlink profile completes the SEO triangle. The more websites are linking to yours, the more ‘votes’ you have, which increases your authority and in turn leads to better findability. Of course, you should not just generate any links to your website. Variation is key, as well as relevance, to create a natural and healthy link profile.

What elements are considered in the website scan?

There are many different elements that all contribute to the technical state of your website. Issues with these elements should be resolved as soon as possible, in order to improve both the user-friendliness and findability of your website. The following elements are considered in our website audit service:

Hidden content

Hidden text or links on your website to improve your website ranking are seen as misleading by Google. They will not lead to the desired results but will negatively impact your SEO campaign instead.

Keyword stuffing

Excessive use of keywords in an attempt to influence your rankings is seen as manipulative by search engines and also leads to a decrease in user-friendliness. Keyword stuffing should therefore be avoided.


The robots.txt file provides search engines with guidance for crawling the website. It needs to be in a logical place where the crawler can find it and a website can only contain a single robots.txt file.

WWW and HTTPS resolves

A website should only be reachable one way. If a page is accessible through multiple URL’s, such as with and without WWW or HTTP(S), the search engine will see this as double versions of the same page. This leads to the search engine being unsure of which version should be crawled, which can have a negative effect on your ranking.

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Response codes

Pages with a response code that indicates an error should receive a redirect to a relevant other page. Otherwise, they can have a negative impact on your findability.

Load time

For optimal user-friendliness it is important that your website loads fast. Websites with a load time of more than 3 seconds already lead to a substantial visitor loss according to Google. If you want to make sure visitors stay on your website as long as possible, you should make sure your pages load faster than this.


The pages of your website need to include enough content to allow search engines to determine what the page is about, so that they can link it to search queries.

SSL certificate

Secure Sockets Layer, also known as SSL, ensures an encrypted connection between two computers. This makes sure data can safely be shared across the internet. In many countries this certificate is required for websites that handle personal data. Without an SSL certificate, Google will also warn visitors that your website is unsecure, which might scare them away.


In July 2019, Google switched to mobile first indexing. This means that Google will first index and rank the mobile version of your website, making responsiveness and mobile-friendliness key factors of your SEO strategy.

Language tags

Language tags indicate in what language your website is written and in which country the search results should show up. This allows the search engine to display your website in the language that the visitor is looking for.

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Canonical tags

A canonical tag tells the search engine which URL should be indexed for a particular page. When applied correctly, these tags prevent problems with duplicate content and internal competition.


Structure is important to search engines because it allows for fast scanning and indexing. Breadcrumbs facilitate this process, whilst also helping visitors navigate your website.

Backlink profile

The more relevant backlinks your website receives, the higher your website authority. This can give your website a boost and increases your chances of ranking high in Google.

A step-by-step process

The process of our website audit service is as follows:

  1. You send us your contact details and website URL.
  2. We take a look at your website and scan for potential issues with the aforementioned elements.
  3. A report is written in which the issues we found are discussed, as well as suggestions for solutions.
  4. We contact you and send you the report.

Once you have received our report, you have two options: fix the issues yourself or request a quotation and have us solve the problem for you.

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Services with which we can help you improve your website after the audit

There are many different services we offer to help you optimize your website and to prevent or alleviate the aforementioned issues. These services include search engine positioning, link building, and website improvement.

With search engine positioning we set up a campaign to make your website more findable in the organic results of Google. This is not a one-time thing, but a continuously evolving process. Not only will we set up the campaign, we will also monitor and evaluate its progress. On top of that, we stay up to date on updates of search engines, developments with your target audience, and changes within your company or market. That way we can adjust your campaign when necessary.

When you count on us for link building, we will acquire a variety of links to your website. The links are chosen based on quality and relevance, to create a backlink profile that is as natural as possible. But before we do all that, a baseline measurement will be made to determine the status quo. Once the links have been acquired and the search engines have had the chance to crawl the newly acquired links, another measurement is made to show the effects of the link building campaign.

Our website improvement services aim to make your website more search engine and user-friendly. They will lead to a better customer experience and improved online findability. The various elements of website audit are considered, as well as other important requirements for the search engine and user-friendliness of your website. Think about conversion moments that invite people to interact, an intuitive design, and compatibility across all browsers and devices.

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Contact us to make use of our website audit service

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