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What are rich snippets?

By adding rich snippets, you attract the attention of potential customers better. This is because these snippets make your business stand out from the other search results in Google, which are largely textual. Google enriches its search results with more and more information. These extensions are called rich snippets by Google. By adding rich snippets, your search results are presented in a much more unique and eye-catching way than “normal” search results. This way you draw more attention to your website. This leads to a higher click-through ratio and a greater chance of conversions.

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What rich snippets are available?

Google has a wide range of rich snippets that it has embraced and that are reflected in the search results within Google itself. Which snippets are relevant to your website depends on your industry, the product or service, and your target audience, among other things. We explain the most obvious variants here, but there are more possibilities of course.

1. Products

Using product snippets, you display the important information of your products in the searcher’s search environment. Think brand name, price, offers, stock status, and reviews. This allows a searcher to make a decision faster, but also makes you stand out better compared to other search results.

2. Breadcrumbs

A breadcrumb trail is the name of a series of links that helps visitors find their way within the hierarchy of the website. By adding rich snippets, you can also have these breadcrumbs show up in the top search results for your visitors’ searches.

3. Reviews

Reviews can be tied to your website in several ways. It could be reviews of products you offer, or reviews of services you provide. With a rich snippet, you ensure that these reviews are displayed in visitor searches.

4. Events

Even if you are hosting events, adding rich snippets adds value to your business. In fact, you can make the name, date, artists, venue, and number of tickets available for the event appear in the search results.

How does the implementation of rich snippets work?

Grizzly New Marketing can add rich snippets to all your search results. We have knowledge of the latest, most innovative techniques and possibilities. Our online marketing agency will advise you on the best option for your product or service and also ensure the successful implementation of the rich snippets in your search results.

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